How To Use Your Employer Brand to Retain Employees

Employer Brand's impact on talent retention

Every organization has a reputation among the workforce and its employees. While many organizations focus on building a strong employer brand to attract top talent, investing in an employer brand can be an equally effective and strategic way to retain current employees. Establishing an employer brand that employees are proud of should be a priority for every company, big or small because it will set the employer apart from its competitors. Additionally, a positive employer brand helps to create a healthier workplace atmosphere where everyone feels valuable and can thrive.

There are four important reasons why employer branding plays a significant role in retaining talent:

1. Employee Engagement – A positive employer brand contributes to higher levels of employee engagement. Engaged employees are more productive, innovative, and committed to their roles. When employees feel proud of their organization and believe in its leadership and values, they are much more likely to be innovative and engaged in their work and less likely to seek opportunities elsewhere. Developing employee career paths, investing in continued training and support, and offering competitive compensation and benefits are all great ways to make sure an employee brand is encouraging morale, and will in turn result in employees better serving their customers.

2. Increased Retention – Just as an employer’s brand has a significant impact on employee engagement, retention rates are greatly dependent on an organization’s reputation as well. Make your company a place where employees love to come to work, and you will see a dramatic improvement in turnover. Organizations that are known for being wonderful places to work are better positioned to retain top talent. High-performing employees are often sought after by competitors and a positive employer brand helps in retaining those individuals by creating a sense of commitment and loyalty. According to this LinkedIn study, a strong employer brand results in 28% less turnover.  

3. Employee Advocacy and Referrals – Employees who are proud of their employer are more likely to become advocates for the company. This can have a significantly positive impact on recruitment efforts as well, as happy employees are more likely to refer others in their networks to job opportunities with the organization, contributing to a talent pipeline and reducing recruitment costs.

4. Cultural Fit and Alignment – A well-defined employer brand clearly communicates the organization’s culture, mission, vision, and values. In turn, this helps to attract individuals who are a strong cultural fit and more likely to stay at the organization long term.

A strong employer brand can transform a company’s reputation and position it as an employer of choice in the minds of both current and prospective employees. Furthermore, this is essential for retaining top talent by creating an appealing workforce, fostering employee happiness, and communicating the unique and special attributes that make an organization a destination for top performers.

By investing in this today, companies can build a strong talent pipeline, foster employee loyalty, and position themselves as desirable employers in the competitive job market of the future.

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Melissa Grabiner

Melissa Grabiner

With nearly three decades of experience in Human Resources and recruiting, Melissa Grabiner is a sought-after strategist and expert in talent acquisition. At Christine Matthews Consulting (CMC, a One Digital Company), Melissa works with venture capital-backed Biotech and Pharmaceutical startups to build out their talent acquisition functions and make key senior-level hires.

Prior to CMC, Melissa spent 18 years in HR and recruiting at Baxter Healthcare, where she ran the talent acquisition function for the company’s largest business unit, which was later spun off and acquired by Takeda Pharmaceuticals. During her time at the company, Melissa and her team were responsible for recruiting nearly half of the company’s total global hires each year. She has won numerous awards for leading the highest-performing global HR team at Baxter and later Takeda.

With over 233,000 LinkedIn followers, Melissa has become a well-known champion for Job Seekers across the globe. She is recognized by LinkedIn’s Influencer program as a “Top Voice” for both Recruiting and Job Search Strategies. Melissa earned her undergraduate degree from the University of Illinois at Urbana-Champaign and is a certified Yoga Instructor.