Leadership and the Employee Experience


To run a successful business, leaders must create an environment that fosters exceptional employee experience (EX). Happy employees provide better service, boosting customer satisfaction (CSAT) and your bottom line. Integrate AI into the workplace to modernize the employee experience, simplify processes, and enhance satisfaction.

This is a three-part series focused on the employee experience, co-hosted with Jeff Lackey, a global talent acquisition leader and host of the podcast “Growing your Business with People.”

Link to Growing Your Business with People podcast: https://www.youtube.com/@UC-G0WIwjMApKoHVQ5QxsdZw

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Sondra Dryer

Sondra Dryer

Sondra is the Chief Marketing Officer of Cliquify, an employer brand activation platform. Sondra has more than 15 years of experience leading employer brand and talent attraction strategies across multiple industries and geographies.