How a High Growth Tech Company Scaled Social Media Hiring with Cliquify

How Career Karma Scaled Social Media Hiring with Cliquify Case Study

Career Karma, a YC-backed career prep high-growth tech company, recently raised $10m in Series A funding. Over a one-year period, Cliquify helped them scale their hiring by driving applications and lowering their job advertising costs. Here’s how we did it.


A tool to help create a visually appealing job description and publish it across social media.


Career Karma needed to scale fast following their recent round of capital funding. They needed to hire several key roles within days to quickly fuel their growth strategy. Typically they would publish their job ads to major job boards but didn’t see the ROI or traction and needed to try something unique and different to stand out in the crowd.

“One of the things that really sold me on Cliquify was the ease of which I could make these things so I don’t have to bother our graphic designer every time we need some visual element”, said their Head of Talent.


When they implemented Cliquify we empowered their talent acquisition team with;

  • Unique templates that make it easy to plug-in top key skills and qualifications of the job description.
  • An intuitive interface allows non-designer  to create visually appealing job cards from the job descriptions.
  • A way to easily input their branding into each card with the Brand Kit.


We carefully tracked the data as it poured in. The results were outstanding;

1. Better: Career Karma received 277 clicks and 14 relevant applicants per post

2. Faster: Average time to build and publish is less than 4 minutes

3. Cheaper: 42% less costly than sponsored ads and 59% in cost per click

What I liked most is how the product made it easy to see how effective our postings were (or weren’t) on social channels. 4 days after sharing our first message we recorded 320 clicks, and a total of 18 applicants, 4 of which we’ve interviewed for our product manager openings. Hard data in a short amount of time.

-Joshua E., Head of Talent @CareerKarma

Cliquify is the all-in-one platform to create graphics and videos, amplify through your people, and measure content. We help organizations build, activate and measure their employer brand.

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Chris Russell

Chris Russell

Recruiting technology analyst and content creator.