Talent Attraction in the Middle East


This podcast is for anyone responsible for global talent acquisition or employer brand management that including the United Arab Emirates (UAE), also referred to as the Middle East or Gulf region. Throughout this episode, listeners will acquire valuable insights on leveraging cultural diversity to attract top talent and bolster their reputation as an employer of choice. The UAE, which has implemented various economic, legal, and social reforms to attract skilled professionals, stands as the primary destination for talent in the Arab world and ranks 22nd globally, as per the 2023 IMD World Talent Ranking. Featured in this episode is Hassan AlHindwan, a seasoned leader in talent acquisition and employer branding within the region, who shares crucial perspectives on the unique cultural, economic, and business dynamics of the region, encompassing social media trends and the government’s impact on candidate behavior.


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Sondra Dryer

Sondra Dryer

Sondra is the Chief Marketing Officer of Cliquify, an employer brand activation platform. Sondra has more than 15 years of experience leading employer brand and talent attraction strategies across multiple industries and geographies.