What is an Employer Brand?


Mike O’Neill is the founder and host of Bench Builders. He has worked with clients around the world as they scaled their companies quickly, building his knowledge of how to create the right recipe for success and learning how to pivot and avoid potential problems.

Recently he spoke with our CEO Amit Parmar on all things employer branding. Give it a listen!

Topics in This Episode
  • Cliquify’s platform allows employees to share authentic content about their experiences, thereby creating a genuine employer brand.
  • Companies can use the platform to get a better understanding of their employees’ needs and preferences, such as benefit packages and workplace celebrations.
  • Celebrations are a top category of content shared on the platform, reflecting the importance of recognizing and appreciating employees’ contributions.
  • The platform can also be used to inform talent strategy, diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives, and to gauge the performance of specific job postings.
  • A key takeaway for listeners is to think beyond job postings and focus on what makes their company unique in order to attract and retain talent.
  • Sharing content about company culture, beyond just job postings, can drive higher quality traffic to job listings and help attract the right talent.
  • The pandemic has shifted the way people work, with more employees working remotely, making it even more important to engage and celebrate team members in a distributed workforce.
  • A major mindset shift is required to move away from a singular focus on sharing job postings and instead share other aspects of the company culture and employee experience.
  • Paychecks are important, but other factors such as a great boss, team environment, and recognition play a significant role in retaining and attracting talent.

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Chris Russell

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