The Cliquify story on the Chad & Cheese Podcast


Our CEO was featured on a recent episode of the popular Chad & Cheese show. Here is Cliquify’s story.

Share, share, share! Everyone’s sharing everything on social media. Employers and recruiters who are sharing, however, aren’t really doing it right most of the time. That’s why Cliquify was founded. Think of them as “Canva + Hootsuite Amplify + ICIMS Video Studio” all in one intuitive platform with deep EVP analytics. Amit Parmar, CEO at Cliquify joins the boys to pitch his company, and its concept, on Firing Squad. Are employers ready to embrace The Share? Does he make it out alive? Gotta listen to find out.

All right. Hey, thanks guys. I’m Amit Parmar, co-founder and CEO of Cliquify. Been in the HR and talent space for over 17 years in large enterprises. So what’s Cliquify? We’re basically an employer branding platform that helps enterprises build, activate, and measure their employer brand to attract talent. What’s the problem that we’re solving? Well, Cliquify was born out of a need that I had as a talent leader, along with my recruiting teams, which was really, how do you attract talent through networks on social media channels? There’s tons of tools out there that’ll automate your content and stuff. And what we’re finding, and we all know that candidates trust workplace content about three X more than any sponsored ad out there.

So the problem that we had, and my recruiters had around the world, was, how do you easily create content? The marketing department simply or no help. They’re too busy. The employer branding person was a team of one supporting hundreds or thousands of recruiters. Any piece of workplace related content took days to curate. And, we lost, we used at least three different tools to elevate our employer brand. So for example, we used to use Adobe and/or Canva earlier and a separate tool for capturing employee videos. And yet a third tool to activate employer brand content across the social channels. So this caused a lot of confusion for my teams and friction with hiring leaders and employees, and ultimately just heard it adoption.
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Chris Russell

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